2015/2016 Remodel

/2015/2016 Remodel

Paint Strip Sanctuary 10/30/15

The red paint that covered the woodwork in the sanctuary has been stripped and returned to it’s 1870 natural oak glory.


The tall photo is of “before” followed by an after and a detail of the beautiful natural oak trim.

Before1 After1

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New Gravel Areas added 10.13.15


Jeff and Sue Jackson brought their “Big Boy” toys in the form of their tractor with a front bucket and a huge dumping trailer. Steve Scott, John Kruse and Dick and Jan Michaels joined in the project.  They hauled in 4 yards […]

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Ramp Construction click here 8.12.15

Here are photos of the construction of the new ramp. An interesting “archeological” photo is the one showing the layers of large stones under the asphalt of the

parking lot. It looks like perhaps an old foundation. Myrna took these pictures, but I wonder if it could have been part of whatever building stood in the […]

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Summer Projects to Begin

This is the Project Schedule for the Summer of 2015 – Work begins first week of July, projected to be complete at the end of August

  • Roof with new shingles
  • Replace sewer line and handicapped ramp
  • Repair gutters and downspouts
  • Exterior painting
  • Sanctuary lighting and new electric
  • Audio/visual equipment
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Summary 2015 Capital Improvement Project

The Session authorized the 2015 repair and renovation project, within the budgeted amounts from the Capital Campaign pledges of 2014, to include the scope of improvements listed in Phase I. Phase II Plans will be authorized by the Session in 2016, prior to implementation.

I. First Things First: Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance (2015)

  • Repair flat roof
  • New shingle roof
  • Painting of […]
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