2015/2016 Remodel

Fellowship Hall Renovated and comfortable space

The AIR CONDITIONED, and newly renovated Fellowship Hall with our new chairs, was a comfortable and welcoming space last 90 degree- Sunday, and will be where worship will be held until further notice. Also a few pictures of the sanctuary being prepared for painting.



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Crane sets new AC units on roof

June 27, 8:15am; Crane is in place on Bennett Street setting 3 new 900 pound/4 ton (capacity) AC units in place, and removing the old units. Because of the electrical wires, after the first unit was in place, the crane had to move to the south parking lot to set the last two units.

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Here are a number of pictures taken by Myrna during the days of the big move, clearing EVERYTHING out to the storage trailers. WHAT a tremendous effort by all who pitched in, and there were real gang of us. We also had the help of three strong, young men from the “Twin County Probation Center,” […]

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Renovation Update: April 2016

Remodeling to Proceed This Year!  The Session authorized a contract with Pioneer Construction of Grand Rapids who completed a subcontractor bid process in three phases to meet the total cost goals of the Capital Campaign. The POC will provide updates for the congregation as the process begins and advise how services and access to […]

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