The Session authorized the 2015 repair and renovation project, within the budgeted amounts from the Capital Campaign pledges of 2014, to include the scope of improvements listed in Phase I. Phase II Plans will be authorized by the Session in 2016, prior to implementation.

I. First Things First: Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance (2015)

  • Repair flat roof
  • New shingle roof
  • Painting of all exterior wood surfaces
  • Repair gutters and downspouts as needed
  • Fascia improvements
  • New handicapped ramp/entry in compliance with safety code
  • Replace sewer line, seal coating and striping
  • Repair Sanctuary lighting
  • Replace Sanctuary ceiling fans
  • New Sanctuary AV equipment
  • Electrical updates for sanctuary

II. Westminster House Renovation Plans

  • Expanded Narthex and Commons area for multi-purpose use
  • Combined choir and meeting room
  • New bathrooms
  • New HVAC and lighting
  • Reconfigured office spaces and nursery
  • Increase size of Narthex door to Sanctuary
  • Close staircase in Sanctuary by Narthex
  • Parking lot repairs

Assumptions Supporting the Recommendation:

  • Focus of work in 2015 on major repairs, replacement, and Sanctuary improvements
  • Westminster House renovations consistent with Master Plan from 2014 visioning session
  • No improvements to basement, no Sanctuary AC, no relocation of main entrance
  • Cost estimates provided by architect/project management firms, prior to build drawings for Phase II Plan, authorization required by Session in 2016.