Centering Prayer

Meetings of Centering Prayer (and other contemplative practices) will begin this Sunday at 4 p.m. and will meet every week except second Sundays, which will be the time of our new Evensong services for the year. More to come on Evensong services – stay tuned!

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New series: Reclaiming Jesus

Pastor Brenda has been doing a series entitled “Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis.” Read the full confession here.

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Church receives Brick Award

First Presbyterian Church of Three Rivers/Centreville was honored with a Brick Award during the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner held on Wednesday, October 4 at Pine View Golf Club. Pictured here, Clerk of Session Pattie Bender (center) receives the award from outgoing Chamber […]

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Implementing the church’s vision

Three teams have been formed for continued work on the vision for First Presbyterian Church – “our focused vision for acting and doing God’s work.” Each team meets regularly to determine “what should we do together” and “what will we do in the next 30 days.” […]

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“Creating a Lasting Legacy”

The everyday choices we make matter. How we live now affects not just our future, but the future of our families and our communities. A gift to your church through your Will could be the most important gift you ever make. “Creating a Lasting Legacy” discusses ways […]

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NEW Archives Room – Stop by for a visit.  Open Sundays after worship service.

See Myrna Myers (Church […]

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Moving Back In! 8.29/30.16





WOW…what a busy few days as many church members pitched in for the big “move-back” into our church from the storage trailers in the parking lot. It also included the “schlepping” of things stored and used in temporary spaces. What a beautiful, new Westminster House we have! The sanctuary is in the process of being […]

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Fellowship Hall Renovated and comfortable space

The AIR CONDITIONED, and newly renovated Fellowship Hall with our new chairs, was a comfortable and welcoming space last 90 degree- Sunday, and will be where worship will be held until further notice. Also a few pictures of the sanctuary being prepared for painting.



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Crane sets new AC units on roof

June 27, 8:15am; Crane is in place on Bennett Street setting 3 new 900 pound/4 ton (capacity) AC units in place, and removing the old units. Because of the electrical wires, after the first unit was in place, the crane had to move to the south parking lot to set the last two units.

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June 12 Walk Through

After church on Sunday, June 12, Steve Olson gave us an update on the progress, and what the schedule looks like for the completion of our renovation project. After that, we had the chance to walk through the construction area to see how it was coming. What a transformation!DSC00466

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