Tuesday News for August 11, 2015!!
The Prayer list is attached

Our website is: firstprestrc.com
Happy Tuesday Everyone, Enjoy Your Week

Happy Anniversary!
First Presbyterian Church Three Rivers-Centreville
177 years August 12, 1838–2015

Meeting Schedule for this Week
~Wednesday Schedule~ Aug. 12
10:00 am Sip & Sew
11:00 am Prayer Time
4:30 pm Building & Grounds Committee Meeting
6:00 pm DASAS
6:30 pm Al-Anon Meeting

~Thursday Schedule~ Aug. 13
10:00 am Finance Committee Meeting

~Friday Schedule~ Aug. 14 CHURCH DIRECTORY……..
7:00 pm AA Meeting
Please don’t forget to pick up your church directory. They can be picked up during normal office hours.
If you need to have it delivered or mailed to you, please call the church office at 269.273.9571
**10:00 am Fellowship
**10:30 am Worship Service
11:45 am Prayer Group
11:45 am SOS-Dairy Bar

Thank you for supporting our “FOOD FOR FRIENDS PANTRY” our families really appreciate it.
The items listed below needs replenishing constantly……….
Prayer List


If you or someone you know would like to be added to the prayer list, please let the office know at 269-273-9571. Without prayer we lose sight of God. Living a prayerful life is living a powerful life.



  • Phyllis Kerr (health issues)
  • Charlie Kauffman (health issues)
  • Don Clementz (health issues)
  • Clint Roberts (health issues)
  • Roy Hackenberg (health issues)
  • Rob Robinson (health issues) recovering at home
  • Rev. Mark Pawlowski (health issues)




Agnes Campbell, ( Sue Pazynsk); Sue Hicks, (Jeff Jackson); Julia Ballman Bolte (Sally Amador); Betty Herman (Bob & Janet Beals); Tony & Joyce Pitone (Donna Ward); Bud Mowry, Diana Rosenberry (Richard & Ilene Rosenberry); Christopher & Mary Smith (Marie Schneider); Owen Cole (Dick & Jan Michaels); Eric Hommema (Alyce & David Bode); Janine & Andy Lenderink, (Jeff & Sue Jackson); Barb Curtis (Mary Sue & Harry Pollitt); Brad Wells (Pattie Bender); Norma Surbeck (Pauline Timmer)


All the men and women serving our country; and all those with silent requests.