Here are a number of pictures taken by Myrna during the days of the big move, clearing EVERYTHING out to the storage trailers. WHAT a tremendous effort by all who pitched in, and there were real gang of us. We also had the help of three strong, young men from the “Twin County Probation Center,” […]

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Renovation Update: April 2016

Remodeling to Proceed This Year!  The Session authorized a contract with Pioneer Construction of Grand Rapids who completed a subcontractor bid process in three phases to meet the total cost goals of the Capital Campaign. The POC will provide updates for the congregation as the process begins and advise how services and access to […]

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Temporary storage for FPCTRC

If you saw Brenda’s email, you know that the “where-are-we-going-to-store-everything” during our final phase of construction, has been solved. Jamie Clark has donated storage units that have been “parked” in our parking lot. Brenda has also asked that those who are able, to leave the Bennett Street parking spaces for those with mobility issues. Myrna […]

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Christmas Concert

Here is a link to the Christmas Concert. Because it is over an hour in length, you may have to download it to your computer to view.



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News for January 26th





If you, or someone you know, would like to be added to the prayer list, please let the office know at: (269) 273-9571. Without prayer we lose sight of God. Living a prayerful life is living a powerful life.

• Gary Berger (health issues) • Steve […]

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Paint Strip Sanctuary 10/30/15

The red paint that covered the woodwork in the sanctuary has been stripped and returned to it’s 1870 natural oak glory.


The tall photo is of “before” followed by an after and a detail of the beautiful natural oak trim.

Before1 After1

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New Gravel Areas added 10.13.15


Jeff and Sue Jackson brought their “Big Boy” toys in the form of their tractor with a front bucket and a huge dumping trailer. Steve Scott, John Kruse and Dick and Jan Michaels joined in the project.  They hauled in 4 yards […]

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Sermons Now Available on This Site

We will be posting some of Brenda’s sermons for viewing under the Ministries Tab, as they become available. Read Sunday’s message!

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Choirs Kickoff Picnic at Michaels/Pleasant Lake

About 30 people enjoyed an evening of fellowship, music, and good food at Dick and Jan’s Pleasant Lake home. A bonfire and violin music by Joe Michaels warmed the chilly weather. A good time was had by all!


DSC02620 DSC02618 (1)

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Ramp Construction click here 8.12.15

Here are photos of the construction of the new ramp. An interesting “archeological” photo is the one showing the layers of large stones under the asphalt of the

parking lot. It looks like perhaps an old foundation. Myrna took these pictures, but I wonder if it could have been part of whatever building stood in the […]

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